Frequently Asked Questions

AAGC is open to AI enthusiasts, students, professionals, startups, and any size organisation. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you are welcome to participate.

Registration details can be found on our website. Simply follow the “APPLY” link and complete the necessary steps to become a participant.

The $1 million prize pool will be distributed across the top 20 winners as decided by a panel of judges.

Absolutely! AAGC has a Discord, X, and LinkedIn channels where participants can network and share ideas.

The judging process involves a panel of experts from the AI industry, scientists, and tech entrepreneurs who will evaluate submissions based on predetermined criteria. The assessment will consider factors such as creativity, technical proficiency, and the potential real-world impact of the solutions.

AAGC is a global competition, and international teams are encouraged to participate.

AAGC encourages a broad spectrum of AI Agents related solutions. There are no specific themes or challenges, participants free to choose the theme and problem (along with the solution) to address.

No, participation in AAGC is free of charge. We believe in providing an open and accessible platform for AI enthusiasts and professionals globally.

There is no maximum number of members for each participating team in the AAGC challenge.

Each team can submit a maximum of one entry, and each participant can only be part of one team.

Submissions should focus on practical implementations, as the challenge emphasizes the development of AI agents capable of autonomous action and decision-making in real-world tasks.

All intellectual property is retained in full by participants and no requirement for any sharing or transfer of intellectual property.

Key dates include the submission deadline (September 1, 2024), announcement of top 50 finalists (October 16, 2024), and the award ceremony for the top 20 winners (December 16, 2024).

While there are no strict technical requirements, solutions should align with the competition's focus on AI Agents. Submissions will be evaluated based on several criteria (more detailed in the Terms & Conditions).